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Ariana Grande: The Evolution of…

In 2016, Ariana Grande shook the pop music scene with the debut of her third studio album, Dangerous Woman. Showing off a completely new sound yet keeping her vocal skills prominent, this album represented a new era for Ariana. Starting off her career with the daydream vibe album, Yours Truly, the fact that she has ended up with this more edgy album represents her constant change in the industry. However, she continues to remain completely successful in producing catchy music that her fans love, as evident in her upcoming album, Sweetener.

Check out lead single, “No More Tears Left To Cry:”

In the era of Yours Truly and earlier, Ariana was known for being the goody two shoes girl launching a music career from being a Nickelodeon actress and previous Broadway star. Pretty dresses, red hair, and her high ponytail were three things that were always a part of her wardrobe. In recent years, she has worn darker colors, more edgy and revealing clothing, and no longer has extremely red hair.

Ariana’s debut album, Yours Truly had a very bubbly, girly vibe. With songs such as Piano and Popular, it was a simple but catchy album. However songs such as Honeymoon Avenue, her intro track to that album are ones she has not let go of. Even on Dangerous Woman she included a vocally outstanding tracks such as on her original album. Although her most recent album has a more techy sound with deeper lyrics that show her maturation, there is always a song on each of her albums that gives a hint of where she began.

While there are many like me who have been fans of Ariana since the very beginning, Ariana’s fanbase has grown dramatically. Starting off with small, local concerts to finishing up her first headlining tour last year, she has come a long way.

Although Ariana’s career is full of numerous changes, her talent and ability to put on an insane performance is a quality that will never change. Make sure to check out Sweetener, her most recent release. Also, keep an eye out for those wedding pics coming soon!

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