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Brands you should know: Pryma

Every pair of Pryma 0|1 headphones is made in Italy by Sonus faber, where we uphold an elevated culture of sound and an exacting dedication to excellence in craftsmanship. In a rare synergy of ancient tradition and modern innovation, centuries of Italian leatherwork meet countless days of testing in our laboratories. The results are audible.

Handmade in Italy with a keen attention to detail and the finest quality materials, Pryma headphones by WOM (World of McIntosh) combine world-class sound quality with high-end style. Created for the individual and crafted to be as distinctive and personal as the music they listen to, Pryma’s interchangeable headbands make these headphones a uniquely customizable fashion accessory.

If you watched Lemonade, you saw them: the retro-gorgeous headphones Beyoncé wears during “Sandcastles.” Those headphones are Pryma.


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