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“Dark” is a series about factions of people, most of whom are related to one another through
generations of small-town links, fighting for control of time travel. In the town of Winden,
Germany, there are several families who are all interconnected thanks to a 33-year-cycle of
trauma. The series is Netflix’s first original German series. The first season, comprising 10 episodes, premiered on December 1, 2017. The second season, comprising 8 episodes, was released on June 21, 2019. The third and final season, comprising 8 episodes, premiered on June 27, 2020. When two children go missing in a small German town, its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and fractured relationships that exist among four families as they search for the kids. The mystery-drama series introduces an intricate puzzle filled with twists that includes a web of curious characters, all of whom have a connection to the town’s troubled history –whether they know it or not. The story includes supernatural elements that tie back to the sametown in 1986. “Dark” represents the first German original series produced for Netflix.

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