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Devialet Phantom – The best bluetooth speakers money can buy

With it’s unique appearance delivering the purest wireless sound around this all in one speaker really is as good as it looks.

The expensive audio gear kicks out a whooping 4500W, the power and clarity of the device is like nothing we have ever experienced.

Each Phantom model has two 6.5’’ woofers and one 5’’ midrange driver with all convex aluminium diaphragms and they are constructed around a cast-aluminium enclosure to add strength to the overall structure.

The Gold Phantoms 1 titanium-dome tweeter is claimed to extend up to 27kHz and the silver models have aluminium-dome tweeters specified up to 25kHz.

This is a product that is admired globally amongst the tech savvy audiences who are open to technology and enjoying the luxuries in life. 

Devialet continue to empower and enhance the lives of their customers delivering an authentic dynamic listening experience.

This exhilarating audio performance is sure to convince you it’s worth the investment.


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