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Motorola Razr – The best folding phone of 2019?

A foldable phone epidemic swept through the MWC 2019 trade show in Barcelona earlier this year. Samsung had a mic-drop moment and launched the Galaxy Fold just days before the conference got started. Huawei said “hold that thought” and announced the Mate X.

During all this one-upmanship, Motorola sat quietly on the sidelines with rumours swirling that it plans to release a foldable phone. The company confirmed that it’s working on a foldable phone and that it will be out this summer, and is rumoured to indeed be a new Razr.

A revamped Razr has the potential to be the better than all the other foldable phones coming out. After all, before smartphones were a thing, the Razr ruled the industry with its iconic, sleek flip phone design – which could translate quite well for the emerging foldable phone era.

In January, the Wall Street Journal reported that Motorola was reviving its Razr brand with a new $1,500 device. Later, a patent filing discovered by 91Mobiles included illustrations of what could be a new Razr phone. The illustrations suggest a similar design as the original, but instead of the interior space being divided by a hinge that splits the display and dial pad, the “new” Razr would be entirely display. The screen would apparently be flexible enough to fold in half and the curved bulge of the screen (when closed) would be hidden inside the phone’s body.

If these markups turn out to be accurate, Motorola is taking a more practical approach than Samsung and Huawei. Instead of a phone opening out to a tablet, the Razr’s small size would still mean it remains a pocketable.

The display on the original Razr was just 2.2 inches. A 6.2-inch display bodes well for people who prefer small phone bodies with as much screen as possible.

Though foldable phones are the new “hot” thing, we truly have no idea how this folding screen trend will pan out. Despite being released 15 years ago, Razr still has a lot of name and brand recognition. With its clout, more people would be interested in this phone not because of its foldable display but because it’s a new Razr.


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