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PlayStation 5 – What are the rumours?

There’s no doubt the Sony PlayStation 5 is going to blow our minds in every way: games, graphics, sound, software, and more. Every leak and report we’ve seen so far indicates that Sony is working on something truly special in the PS5, something to ensure that its dominance in this generation is followed through into the next.

Release Date

As the PlayStation 3 came out in 2006, and was followed by the PlayStation 4 in 2013, rumours circulated for months that the PlayStation 5 would launch around 2020.

Comments made by President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Shawn Layden, who stated that “there will be no new hardware announcements at E3” in 2018, seemingly indicated at a sooner rather than later release date, too.

However, on 22 May 2018, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Kodera confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that there would be no PS5 before 2021, putting a dampener on hopes for an imminent PlayStation 5 release.

Since then, Sony seems to have shifted its thinking. With the Xbox Two aka Xbox Scarlett tipped for a 2020 launch, the PS5 launch date seems to have been adjusted to before Christmas 2019. Is that the reason Sony has pulled out of E3 2019?

We think all the signs point to a 2019 launch for the PlayStation 5, no matter what Sony executives say. They’ll want to beat Microsoft to the punch for sure. If not in 2019, then definitely 2020 – some analysts think the PS5 will go head to head against the Xbox Two at E3 2020.


When the PS5 does appear in all its glory, how much is it going to cost you? Is it going to be worth the investment?

We don’t have too much to go on except the cost of PlayStations past – the PlayStation 4 originally debuted for £349.99/$399.99 and when it was reinvented as the PS4 Slim it began selling for £259.99/$299.99 and up.

The more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro, on the other hand, launched with a price of £349.99/$399.99, matching the original PS4 on that score – though you can now get all kinds of bundle offers and discounts on various flavours of the PS4 console.

Would Sony hit the £349.99/$399.99 price point again with the PlayStation 5? We’d say it’s more likely that the final PS5 price will be a touch higher (as we’ve seen with the Xbox One X), somewhere around the £449.99 mark, though Sony will of course want to keep the hardware as affordable as it can for gamers.


Overall the PS5 should be smaller and sleeker of course, but even with increases in broadband speeds and the rise of streaming, we don’t expect the PS5 to go all-in on the cloud and shrink down to a tiny Blu-ray box set size.

We’ve heard whispers that Microsoft is planning a streaming-only Xbox Two: there’s a chance Sony might follow suit, but probably not for the main PS5 model. The new console is bound to have some headline 4K games, which will benefit massively from being able to save assets locally – and so a local hard drive is still a must.


Sony’s plans for the specs inside the PlayStation 5 will already be well advanced: this hardware has to power the best 4K games and VR experiences that 2019 (or 2020) has to offer. We still don’t know the exact launch date, but you can be sure the internal specs are going to be picked right from the top shelf.

One of the hottest rumours around the PS5 is that it’s going to have a dedicated graphics chip, rather than combining graphics and processing on the same bit of silicon.

Backing up that idea is news that the next-generation AMD graphics tech believed to be headed for the PS5 is already in production, according to sources: these advanced 7-nanometre chips, codenamed Navi, are said to be as powerful as some of the best graphics cards of today.

There are rumours that one of Sony’s principal programmers is already hard at work on adapting AMD’s Ryzen technology, pointing to a major performance boost for the internal guts of the PS5.

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