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Your Guide to the Coolest Streetwear Brands Worldwide

If you think streetwear can’t get bigger than it is today, think again. The ongoing debate on whether or not street-style is just a passing trend or is here-to-stay has been settled. This sports-luxe street-wear trend is no longer limited to just the streets (pun totally intended!)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you are sure to have heard of Supreme and the hype around it. Streetwear has also now infiltrated luxury fashion as brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga have moved to include sneakers, sweatshirts, track-pants in their runway shows season after season. Everyone from the Kardashians to the Hadid Sisters have been rocking their streetwear style and heavily influencing the culture of the streetwear amongst the masses.

Need some street style inspo? Read on and discover your basic guide to street-style around the world.

  • Stussy: Considered the OG creator and inventor of street style with now over 75 stores across the world, the brand catapulted to success due to its popularity in the skating/surfer and hip hip community. Check out the video here.


  • Cahartt: Originally founded as a workwear company for railroad workers and blue-collar manual laborers slowly won the hearts of people across race, gender, and occupation including the likes of Sarah Palin.  See how Carharrt is Made by Hand here.

  • Supreme: This NYC based skateboarding and lifestyle brand is considered the creme da la creme of streetwear brands across the world. Watch the story behind Supreme here.

  • Champion:  Known best for both it’s athletic sportswear as well as casual wear, the champion sweatshirt is one of the best ways to up your street style game. Find out how, Champion transitioned into streetwear here.

  • Off-white: Created by Virgil Abloh (now the artistic designer for Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Wear Collection) this label has catapulted to success with a series of collaborations with top-notch brands from Nike to Jimmy Choo to Nike. Abloh also went on to release plenty of Off-White merch at a wide range of prices. Get a peak inside this visionary’s mind here in this interview with Kanye West.

  • undefeated:  Has stayed true to its LA roots and literally has everything you’ll ever need for a complete head to toe street style inspired outfit.  Watch as Complex gives you a total 360/VR look inside their LA store here.

  • The Hundreds: Inspired by California Culture, this LA based brand was founded in 2003 by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar and has since then  expanded into a print magazine, footwear and eyewear. Check out the blueprint for how Bobby Hundreds created his empire. 

  • New Era:  This NYC headwear brand was chosen as the official on-field cap of the National Football League and have been the exclusive baseball cap supplier for Major League Baseball since ’93. See more about how they created their New Era here.

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